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La Monnaie de Paris has ancestral know-how that it uses, with vitality and creativity. Heir to more than twelve centuries of tradition, La Monnaie de Paris is in charge of the current minting of coins. It also produces collector coins, medals and official decorations as well as art objects. Engraving styles and eras in metal, La Monnaie de Paris entrusts the signing of its products to the greatest artists and enrichesa constant dialogue with contemporary art.

La Monnaie de Paris has the exclusivity of minting current French euros. It also mints some foreign currencies (Luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, Greece, Bangladesh, etc.).

Thanks to their exceptional skills, the craftsmen of La Monnaie de Paris create collection coins, medals and official decorations: the pieces produced according to the rules of fine craftsmanship and according to the historical methods within the establishment.

For more info, please visit www.monnaiedeparis.com

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