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With more than 30 years of experience in gifts and promotional items, Garff Group committed to excellent customer service, prompt delivery and competitive prices.

As the leading corporate gifts specialist, we’ve been searching for only the very best promotional products from the four corners of the world, having our own offices and representing international brands such as Prodir... All of these corporate gifts can be personalized to your exact specifications.

During this time we’ve soaked up industry knowledge, developed strong trade connections and grown from strength to strength. A tastefully chosen and originally designed corporate gift will go a long way to keeping your corporate identity exposed in an innovative and professional manner, integrating advertising and promotions program.
About Us

Garff Group has been developing promotional items and advertising materials since 1980 and has accordingly acquired an extensive expertise in the branding field. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by large companies, we have created innovative, unique and user-friendly ways to communicate with clients. Garff Group is committed to giving you the kind of service you need and expect, in terms of pricing, quality, shipping and time of delivery. Our keen knowledge in gift items has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s clients. Our business caters to all types of trades, associations, businesses, institutions, companies, media and many others.
Building corporate gift packages and conference plans can be a tricky business. Here at Garff Group we do all the work for you. We leave you to cherry pick the best items from all around the world, so you can craft your perfect corporate package.

We appreciate time is precious, and that tight promotional deadlines can cause headaches. However, help is at hand with our express promotional items. Once your artwork has been approved, we can guarantee your promotional products will be printed and dispatched within a couple of working days.

What makes Garff Group unique is our relationship with all the major manufactures, combined with extensive buying power. This is why you can be rest assured, that we are able to offer you the absolute lowest prices for executive and corporate gifts.

Despite the confidence we have in our products and service, we never rest on our success. Our ear is always to the ground, which is why we can offer our new promotional products as well our special offers index, to save you even more money.

Let your imagination be the limit, not your wallet. Don’t forget every single one of our thousands of promotional items can be can be printed, engraved, etched, embroidered or marked in some way with your company's logo, brand or message to add that personal yet professional touch.

Company Products and Services


Different promotional products depending on what material they are made out, naturally lend themselves to certain print techniques over others. Below is an introductory guide into the world of printing!

This process is where your corporate message is stitched on to your promotional products. This requires a special machine which can weave up to 4 to 8 colors at a time. The number of stitches required to product the design is usually between 5,000 and 10,000 which determines the cost.

Good Points: Embroidered promotional clothing gives a more luxury feel to the product.

Not So Good Points: Embroidery struggles with intricate details.

Laser engraving is the personalization technique where computer controlled laser machine is used to engrave, etch or mark a promotional product.

Good Points: Extremely high detailed images can be produced using this technique gives a really elegant look to a product.

Not So Good Points: You are limited by the color of the material being engraved.

Sublimation Printing
Sublimation is a printing technique that allows us to print full color images on a wide array of items such as t-shirts, coffee-tea mugs and ceramic tiles. Solid dye particles are converted into a gas using heat and pressure then are forced to bond with the material they are dyeing and converted back to a solid.

Good Points: Very High Quality Images

Pad Printing
Pad printing or Tampon printing, uses a metal plate produced from the artwork with a raised logo. The plate is fixed into the pad printer and inked. The promotional product is placed in a fixed place so that successive products will be printed in the same position- something which is vital on two color work. The 'pad' - a firm yet resilient synthetic material is then pressed against the plate taking up the logo, which is then transferred to the product.

Good Points: With pad printing you are able to print on any shape of surface you like. Printing on tricky, uneven surfaces like golf balls for example isn’t a problem.

Not So Good Points: It is impossible for tints and tones to be reproduced.

Screen Printing
Screen printing or silk screen printing to be precise, is a common print technique used on many promotional products, but plastic in particular. The process works via a ‘screen’ of a very fine mesh within a frame.

Good Points: Screen Printing is a very versatile technique as the printed surface doesn’t have to be under any pressure – so it is perfect for relatively delicate materials like thin plastics for example.

Not So Good Points: There is a real difficulty in reproducing exact tints in colors, especially in smaller items, due to the nature of using a mesh to force a color though onto the product. The problem is reduced when printing on larger promotional items like T Shirts and umbrella’s for example.

Transfer Printing
With this increasingly popular technique, an image is created onto thermal paper which is placed onto your promotional product – which is then heated on.

Good Points: This process gives one great flexibility in color options, and the materials available to be printed on.

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