Management Letter

We, as Holdco, have been exposed to different businesses in the region for nearly a decade.

We aim to implement different strategies related to various field related to our verticals, tackling hospitality, communication, technology… and still open for unlimited other verticals that are potential to fill the gap in the market.


During our presence in the market, we went through many challenges that led us to a complete corporate set up that satisfies and serves different needs at the holding level, by developing an integrated infrastructure supporting our partners in several market segments.

Under HOLDCO HOLDING, we have merged our ownerships and investments in several entities in the region, acquiring strength, reliability, and credibility at the group level, offering a considerable financial support, assisting in potential opportunities.

In Holdco Corporation, we have consolidated our operational strength by enabling an integrated service allowing our partners to focus on their main operational activities.

We have divided our business into three main activities respectively, under Business Management, where activities are supported and covered by Holdco, followed by Operations Management, fully provided by our experienced partners through their successful business model, concluding with Business Development Management that is a joint effort activity of database daily feeds, under which Holdco shares an integrated CRM with its partners for updates.

We are proud to have maintained a strong bond with our clients and partners, sharing trust and loyalty, aiming for more expansion and larger market share.

Finally, striving to achieve our clients and partners’ satisfaction is at the heart of every action we take.

Make HOLDCO your trusted Partner.

Rami Ch. Lattouf,

Chairman & CEO