Get your full-feature, tailor made business management solutions. Take full control over all your organization’s activities.


HoldCo Corp is an IT and management consulting company. We provide digital solutions and management consulting services. We’re headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, and supported by a solid network of offices and partners of HoldCo group in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi and the United States.

We strive to modernize your business processes and create a customized system through our cloud-based Axiom ERP. Not only will this maximize efficiency, but it will also reduce costs and increase operations. Our system grants you full control over every aspect of your company.

Axiom is a full-feature business management solution; an all-in-one ERP system, that helps any business, different sectors, to record all their business transactions and data, on one single and unified systematic platform.
Our studio ensures the most optimal digital graphics for your businesses. Whether it’s an app or a website, we provide UX/UI designs, logos and social media content.
Our tech unit covers all the domains needed in order to  digitally transform and automate your businesses, such as app development, web design, security audits, technical trainings, development optimization security and more.
Your full-feature business management solution: an all-in-one ERP system.
Axiom allows you to automate all your business processes, on one single and unified systematic platform.
Countless design ideas for your digital products and services.
HoldCo Studio takes full of your projects’ designs from start to finish.
Full option technological support for your business to achieve its goal.
HoldCo Tech specializes in building your apps and websites in the most optimal way.